Oh dear! It’s been a while since I last blogged, for that I apologise. I’ve had some personal health issues and it’s been very gut wrenching at times.

I have mentioned in the past that I knew my benefit claims would be hit by welfare reform changes.

Well it’s happening now. I received a letter earlier this year that stated my housing benefit (Local Housing Allowance) was to be slashed by £73 per week. I applied for a Discretionary Housing Payment and was awarded the amount required.

My Disability Living Allowance claim expires 26/01/2013, my reapplication is currently being assessed.

Now time for the BIGGY! I am currently still on Incapacity Benefit. Around 10 days or so ago I received my warning letter. A letter that stated I was about to migrate over to Employment and Support Allowance. Several days later a call was received and my ESA50 dispatched.

So there we have it, when they hit you they hit you hard and fast. And by they I mean the government!

Thankfully I have some awesome people around me and I’ve been given plenty of exceptional advice.