I’ve approached the subject before and the post proved to be popular. It struck a chord with many.

I’ve had mental health issues since I was a child. Some could say I’ve been through the mill but I’m pretty sure if you asked around there would be a few who have been far worse off.

Depression is horrid. It can strike at any time, for any reason. Anxiety is a pain in the arse for many reasons, for me personally it’s always there even of depression isn’t. Panic attacks will grip me at the most bizarre moments, my latest one was in a supermarket and I couldn’t find something.

For years I’ve been in and out of talking therapy, or counselling. Sometimes it works, in fact the only time it’s really worked is when the counsellor has been a ‘textbook counsellor’. I’ve had 2 amazing sessions (12 appointments at a time = 1 session) in the past 2 years.

The sessions were through a charity run Women only place called Threshold. One was in 2010, the other started just before my 30th birthday last year. I needed help to stop blaming myself for parental divorce, I needed help to stop flashbacks associated with homelessness and to deal with anxiety linked to going through DLA & homelessness legal process. I also needed help to deal with various childhood linked problems.

The counselling I had was amazing. Yes, there’s still residual problems there but it helped. It meant so much changed. I talked, the counsellor listened and advised. I also did art therapy in 2010. I admit I am not Monet or Da Vinci but I released a lot of anger by painting. The monster I painted at the start represented my parents split and how I felt. The last 2 appointments involved me painting a lighter monster. The contrast between the two was astounding. It was a true representation of how I felt at the time.

I paid £2 an appointment for the counselling. It was very worth it and had I had more money I really would have paid more. When you bear in mind a private counselling session would cost upwards of £25 per hour £2 is a bargain!

Threshold has helped hundreds of women through their crisis. I am very grateful of the help I received.

I may slip down the slope from time to time but I have the mental tools and amazing support network of friends to see me through. So I guess I’d like to thank my friends for their support too.