Regular followers of my usual account will have seen that I’ve had an interesting few days.

Yes, I’ve had another operation. An operation that has left me in agony, an agony that is disrupting sleep. Around 13 days ago I noticed a lump in armpit and I hoped it would disappear. It didn’t. Several hospital trips ensued. Last weekend I finally got it resolved.

I say it, it is actually two. It transpires I had two interesting abscesses. I went into theatre at 340pm and was back on ward a short while after.

The pain after was phenomenal. My first dressing and wound packing appointment was horrid. I shouted and screamed. I can only describe it as being like someone is sticking a boiling hot tweezers into armpit and twisting them. I’m sure the pain will subside but it sucks now.

I am hopeful that no more abscesses form as it’s my birthday soon.

I will also be posting updates on DLA application where possible.