Cameron’s Benefit Blunder is written by John Perry. Perry has previously been a director of policy at the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) and remains involved as a part time policy advisor.

The article begins by discussing the prospect of having an age restriction for housing benefits, ie the potential cessation of housing benefit for under 25s. Perry explains how it’ll not be straightforward to implement such cuts.

He continues to explain about the number of HB claims and who the growing welfare bill is being blamed on. To quote his article:

being blamed on the millions of working people sitting at home on benefits

Perry’s willingness to explore the fact it’s much more than this is refreshing.

Towards the end of his article Mr Perry refers to my recent blog article, And So It Begins, regarding my own personal housing benefit cut of £73 per week.

I would openly like to thank Mr Perry for reading my article and for mentioning me in his article. If anyone knows John’s contact details, preferably email, then please get in touch so I can thank him personally. His views are ones many will share and many will rebut.