Today hasn’t been easy. Woke up feeling tired and achy with pain all over. Thought I was going to be sick but the nausea was calmed by metoclopramide. Usual meds taken as soon as was possible.

Took short walk to supermarket for essentials. Carrying the basket, had just milk and bread in it, really hurt. I felt exhausted by the time i was queuing. Had no choice but to lie down. Sleep beckoned.

I had food. This backfired. I had spasms. Just got pills to kick in in time. Had arranged to pop and see friend but had to delay leaving due to me looking 9 months pregnant!

The pain in my back makes my mouth dry. Cold drink quenched thirst but not the pain. Do wish Gabapentin would work again. Seems like the titration will keep happening.

I got home exhausted by the pain but knew some hoovering needed doing. Did it quickly. I cried after because everything was hurting. I hate being like this. I just want to be normal.

I sat down and rested. Dinner was a microwave meal but halfway through I feel the Crohns making itself known. Had Humira yesterday but this doesn’t kick in until tomorrow.

Today I have taken 2 metoclopramide, 4 Gabapentin, 3 codeine, 9 loperamide, 4 paracetamol and 2 Temgesic melts.

Pain score (out of 10) 10

Hours slept 8.5