Once again it has been a while since I blogged dear reader. A lot has been happening, some of which has been health related.

Some who follow me on my personal Twitter account will be in the know already. I have not really felt well enough to blog, this is ironic given this is a health related blog.

In March I was invited, by a lovely lady on Twitter called Tilly, to give a speech on the effects of cuts to disability benefits. The event was to take place at Goldsmiths University in London. There were two other speakers, Ross and Leon. We all have varying degrees of illness an disability. The one thing in common we all have is our requirement and entitlement to disability benefits. Unfortunately Leon was unable to make it due to a hospital appointment on the day. Ross and I were both incredibly nervous but Tilly was insistent we would be ok, and you know what we were. Ross spoke eloquently and made some excellent points. If you go to The Pinko Papers and look at the page regarding our speeches to see for yourselves! It was a long but amazing day. One thing is for sure I made two amazing friends that day, Ross and Tilly. It’s actually Tilly’s birthday today, so Happy Birthday!

I have had a few health issues in the past couple of months. Some I won’t bore you with as they are boring me!

One issue was what I thought was another skin abscess at the top of inner thigh on right leg. As I can’t tolerate oral antibiotics it was merely a case of waiting. The abscess was a deep one in my opinion. By the time it was Easter weekend I had had enough of the pain I was experiencing. Bear in mind I am on buprenorphine, which is actually stronger than morphine. On Saturday I went up to the out of hours GP so I could be referred to the surgical doctors. I was immediately admitted and was to remain NBM (nil by mouth) as I could be going down to theatre very soon. I had a cannula inserted in the back of my hand and was admitted to the same ward, and bay, I was in last May and June! Hours passed me by, I had Draw Something; Twitter and my book (Angels & Demons – thank you Aimee) to keep me amused. They had given me buprenorphine IV so felt very spaced out so concentration levels were low. Eventually one of the nurses came to tell me that due to more serious procedures I wouldn’t be going to have operation until tomorrow (Easter Sunday) and I could eat/drink until midnight. The plan was I would eat a meal at 1130pm, which I did. I then had all my usual pills and fell to sleep. At around 3am a registrar came to see me and had a look at the affected area. The concern was it wasn’t red enough, he said I was to remain NBM and I would be seen by Consultant in the morning before deciding what to do next. Well he did come to see me, at about 1030/1045am. He didn’t think it was an abscess but he felt he needed evidence just in case he was wrong, an MRI and ultrasound was ordered. The scans proved him right, the air punching as I walked back was testament to this. It turned out it was actually a torn inner thigh muscle! Equally, if not more, painful. Eventually, after a few hiccups and stressed tweets later, I was to be discharged with orders to rest up.

Now, onto my ear operation! Ok so that was done this Friday just gone and it is awesome to hear once more. What I will say is what a hassle it has been to even get to this point. At the pre-op (standard procedure prior to ‘elective’ procedures) they found out I didn’t have anyone to drive me home so demanded (rather rudely I hasten to add) I find someone or no op. I asked everyone I could as well as contacting charities who did things like that but to no avail. Eventually I approached my GP surgery who, on the Monday before op, arranged for me to be done as an inpatient as the hospital is a considerable distance from my home town. I got to the hospital, having left mine at 530am, for 730am. I was first on the ENT list. Prior to getting ready I discovered that I would be discharged same day – considering the stress I had gone through to get to this point I was very upset. A kind friend said they would look after me from 6pm so the ward arranged for me to have hospital transport home. I was walked down to theatre about 845am and was ‘knocked out’ by 9am. Grommets were inserted into my eardrums successfully following microsuction cleaning. I was back on the ward by 1010am with a sore throat after intubation (tube down throat to help me breathe during a general anaesthetic) and painful ears. Transport was due to collect me earlier than planned due to change in friend’s circumstances. Needless to say a 3 hour waiting game was played out! The nurse that looked after me was lovely and one of the ward sisters but there was another staff nurse who spoke to people so rudely I was pleased to leave. Yesterday was somewhat of a write off as I was drowsy and dopey (yes I can get even dopier). Today I have managed to do a bit but I am starting to get tired now.

I have appointments various looming for my various parts of the body but rest assured I shall keep fighting. I am struggling to maintain my usual levels of energy, think this is a lot to do with trying to keep to a routine.

I actually lost a couple of tweet ‘pals’ the weekend I was in hospital. One of them I had met in real life so I was somewhat disappointed but I know not everyone is happy with me tweeting about health. I refuse, however, to change my ways. Nobody has to read my tweets and nobody can tell me to what to tweet, especially when they do not know what I may be going through!

Blogging should be easier for me to do from now on and I hope to blog again soon. I do have a few ideas stored in my head so watch this space!

Much love xxxxxxxxxx