Ok, so am going to apologise for the delay in relaying this information to you all dear readers. I have been having a Hidradenitis Suppurativa flare up which has involved some not very nice abscesses in some not nice places.

I was expecting to have incision and drainage but due to the fact I was too ill for surgery the gynae team decided to lance them. I was brave, apparently, by having them lanced with just gas and air. All I know is the language that was coming out of my mouth was rather horrid, but necessary when one is in some pain.

As a result of this flare up I have lost sleep so my GP, today, has put me on a short course of Zopliclone. He has also decided to up my gabapentin to 900mg a day.

Please bear with me if you are requesting a follow for windsock_2, I do not have complete access to the internet at the moment. Normal service shall resume in a few days, more likely this weekend coming. 

For now, please take care and keep well.

Marmite xxxxxxx