I would like to thank one of my best friends for the title of this blog, I was stuck for ideas and he kindly offered the title up, he is one of those friends who really does go out of their way to be there for me. I love him lots for just being awesome. So, thank you D for your assistance and your support!

As you, dear reader, know I lost my grandfather 2 weeks before Christmas. A death is hard at any time but so close to Christmas I think it is made harder. I did not really get the chance to see him before he died, this saddens and angers me. I live several hundred miles away and as I do not drive or have lots of money for the train fare it is hard.

The funeral was arranged for 3 days after Christmas and it was arranged that I would go up North the day before to stay in the same hotel as my Mum and ‘stepdad’. Well I shall now explain why this blog article is entitled Buses, Trains and Funerals.

I was due to arrive at the other end for 546pm, leaving from St Pancras at 355pm. My train from this end would allow me plenty of time to get the tube to Pancras. This was not to happen. I got on train here and was sat, with many others I hasten to add, waiting for it to depart. The departure time came and went, all of a sudden an announcement was made over the tannoy saying that they DID NOT HAVE A DRIVER FOR THE TRAIN and would we all mind catching a different train that was going to same destination. This would have been all very well and good but this train would get into London at 315pm. You have to bear in mind the train was now running 4 minutes late which meant it got in to London at 319pm, I literally had 35 minutes to get to St Pancras from London Bridge as well as go to the toilet and get a drink. By the time I got to the tube at London Bridge and got on said tube it was close to 330pm, 10 minutes later I got to St Pancras needing the toilet. I had to catch the 355pm or I would have to fork out more money for ticket as I was actually booked on said train, I literally got to the train with 3 minutes to spare. I did not even have time to get a drink. The conductor came through the train to check everyone’s tickets and she noticed I was looking a little on the cross side, when I explained to her about the situation she was sympathetically got me a cup of tea and a bottle of water so I could take my pills. I arrived safely at my destination and checked in to the hotel room that had been booked for me. A family meal was held that night, it was good to see my maternal side of the family even if they are a little mad.

The following day was the day my mother had been dreading. It was at breakfast it suddenly hit me that I was there to say my final goodbyes. My grandfather was a very well loved and liked man, we are a big family and we all have our own problems but for one day we all united to say goodbye to him. There was laughter, there were tears and there was a lot of hugging going on. Soon the time came for me to leave, it was a little earlier than planned but my Mum was more than happy to fork out £60 extra to get me home (read that sarcastically). I got home 3 hours earlier than I was actually due to but it was a good thing because I was shattered.

On New Years Eve I was due to go to my Mum’s house for a couple of days. I was not booked onto any specific train. I had decided to get the 224pm train from here which would get me to the other end for 419pm. I worked out I would need to leave home at 130pm so I could get the bus to station, the bus I was expecting to get was about 7 minutes late. The bus being late had a knock on effect to the rest of journey to the station. I literally got there with enough time to board the train. It was thanks to my best friend mentioned earlier that I was calmer before the end of the first train journey.

I came home yesterday evening by train and it was not as busy as I thought it would be.

I do find I am a bit of a stresshead and I should really learn to calm down quickly or try to not get stressed so easily. Maybe that should be my 1 New Years resolution? What do you think?

Anyone made any interesting or funny New Years resolutions?

Keep safe, well and sane but more than that keep laughing – it is good for you apparently.

With love xxxxxx