Sorry for the lack of blogging, I have been having a few technical issues!

So since my last blog a lot has happened. I am single once more and my counselling has finished for now. The single thing I will not go into other than to say it was probably, ok definately, an error to get with someone dating wise so soon after a long term relationship broke down earlier this year.

As for the counselling, well that has been three very worthwhile months. It has really helped this time and for once I feel refreshed. All too often I have walked away from it asking myself if it was at all worth it. The counselling I have had recently is through a Women’s charity. I do actually feel that I cannot believe how low I allowed myself to feel. I am not, contrary to popular belief, a bad person but have often been made to feel that.

I am lucky to have both virtual and real life friends that really do understand the beast that is mental health. I do know that whatever happens in life I will never stop refreshing my mind with counselling.

Depression is something, and suicide, that has been ever present in the press due to the passing of Gary Speed. Gary Speed was a 40 something father and husband who had a successful career within the footballing world. That world is notorious for having hide situations like depression which I feel is a shame. I have spoken, in a recent article, about mental health being a taboo subject when it should not be. Saying to someone snap out of it or it will sort itself out is incredibly wrong, you need to encourage that person whether they are a footballer; pilot or street drinker to get the help.

I have found talking my issues through helpful but not everyone does. Just do the research and keep an eye on those who you know suffer. Persuade them to get the help, you never know you may just save a life!