The above link is my friend’s Virgin Money Giving page. My friend is Lee Bradshaw and I met him through Twitter. Lee is walking from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham to Horse Guards, London. This will be around 123 miles walked.

Ok so this walk is special if he was just doing it in tracksuit bottoms, but Lee being Lee he has gone all out. He is actually going to be wearing a full Nuclear Biological and Chemical suit (NBC suit) and a 35lb Bergen (rucksack) on his back for the duration of the walk. There are a few people doing the challenge alongside Lee. The mammoth challenge will start in September 2012 in aid of Troop Aid and The Pilgrim Bandits. Troop Aid’s website is and The Pilgrim Bandits website is

Troop Aid and The Pilgrim Bandits support troops in ways that many other charities cannot.

There are two ways you can donate money. You can donate by visiting Lee’s Virgin Moneygiving page, or you can text to donate £1.00 on your mobile phone just text code TAPB50 £1 to donate £1 to 70070.

Lee is on Twitter and will gladly answer any questions you have about the challenge. He is my superhero and please support him as best you can! I shall be joining Lee, and the people who have walked alongside him, on the last day as they head towards Horseguards Parade.

Thank you.