So dear reader, as you know it was my birthday the other day.

I had been spoilt rotten by my mum and stepdad plus many other gifts from people various. I decided to head to London all by myself for the day or part of it at least. I met with my lovely friend E who gave me some lovely gifts and bought me a gorgeous caramel latte, I even got a free muffin as it was my birthday – so thank you Starbucks it was a lovely gesture. E bought her little one along, and her little one is adorable and I managed to get chalk on my backside – apparently this is the sign of a Mummy hehe! No don’t panic, the only ‘children’ I plan on having are little fluffy ones in the form of cats.

After saying goodbye to E I set off for the train station feeling confident and happy. I really felt as if I had turned a corner in life and had felt that yes, a new outlook was being kept. Ticket bought I got on the train and began the 51 minute journey. I had decided to go to the Imperial War Museum, it is a place I have been many a time before but it is almost as if it changes every visit. I had a great time wondering around at my own pace. As the day wore on however I became more aware of my back being really sore and my right leg was numb. Fortunately I had a heat patch with me this seemed to help for the duration of the trip.

I went for a pizza and ate way too much but I enjoyed myself. Knowing I had to get back to my home town for a charity function at church I left Leicester Square and headed back to Victoria, the next train was within 15 minutes – perfect.

It was a fantastic day, a day that really proved to me that being 30 and having a new outlook on life is a beautiful thing.

For now, keep smiling and keep laughing – it is good for you!