Apologies for not blogging all that much in recent weeks. I have had to rely on being able to go to an internet cafe but this has not always been possible, however my mother bought me a laptop for my 30th birthday as a joint present with my ‘stepfather’ I am loving my new toy.

Tomorrow, Saturday, is my birthday. My 30th birthday. It is the start of a new era for me. My 20’s, apart from a few things, have been pretty awful in all honesty.

So seeing as it is the end of an era I thought I would share some past good memories with you all. Any persons mentioned are referred to by the initial of their first name.

The most recent good thing that has happened to me in life would be making friends, in real life, with someone from Twitter. She is a truly suerb woman who has recently given my some brilliant advice and is a wonderful listener, she makes me feel like she would be there no matter what. I know E will read this and I hope she realises the impact she has had, plus I would hope she knows I am there for her too.

Another thing would be meeting someone again who is slowly making a huge impression on my life. We met at work nearly a decade ago and have kept in touch all these years. It is early days yet but she is fantastic and makes me feel life is happier than ever. She is, however, off to Afghanistan. I will be starting a blog on that subject later this month after she departs. She can make me smile just by saying sausages, don’t ask!

Going back to my religion, Catholic, after a small hiatus has also been a good thing in my life. Going to church puts me at ease, I feel at peace whilst in my sanctuary. I have made friends whilst there and also become involved in social concerns such as soupruns and befriending the housebound. I do not do a lot but it allows me to meet those less fortunate than myself. My faith continues to allow me to grow, things are looking good too in that respect.

I am not going to speak about the bad stuff that has happened in the last decade because it is all in the past now. Life is way too short to focus on the past, look to the future and remember it is not a rehearsal.