So, as promised, I am writing to update you as to the new abscess situation.

The pain was getting too bad and I went to my GP yesterday, Wednesday, morning. The GP I saw was a Locum, who had turned up. She had a look at the new site and said that yes it was an abscess, and she also advised me to up my morphine. I am now allowed, if that is the right word, 10mls every 3 hours. This is actually quite a high dose. I am sure some of the more medical readers here will know this. I do not actually take the full dose every single time, I do actually try to avoid taking it. I do not wish to become addicted and reliant on this substance, I have personally seen the damage such an addiction can do. She also spoke with the surgical team and they were prepared to do an assessment as and when required.

Anyway, I went home and had a sleep. This was merely a few hours after the appointment and I checked the site again, it was already bigger than when I saw the doctor earlier in the day. I made the decision shortly after to go up to the hospital the following day, and arranged to get a lift with a friend from church. Last night I had a really bad night with the pain. I went to sleep after 10pm, woke at 2ish and could not get rid of the pain until 4am when I had taken a full 10mls (something as mentioned before I avoid). Knowing full well I would be having to get up to get ready to leave at 930.

Despite feeling groggy, I went to the hospital fully prepared to be told my operation would be the following day. I did not have to wait very long, I think I was only there for 20 minutes before the surgical on call doctor arrived. It was, to my delight, the same surgeon who had done my previous two operations. He is a lovely surgeon who has put me at ease previously.

I knew the drill. The new site, well I say new but I shall get onto this later, is on my bikini line. I knew it was a case of trousers down and let the surgeon poke my abscess until I felt like punching him.

He did not take all that long to be fair. He confirmed that there was an abscess there but it was not yet fully formed. It would also appear that there is an 8cm tract, or tunnel, that’s formed between wound 1 and this new abscess. This is a common occurence apparently after a HS patient has an incision and drainage operation. This has now led me to believe that my condition is deteriorating.

As such, it is too early to operate as there is not actually an abscess sac there yet which makes the pus move in an undulating manner. I was told to come back on Saturday for a further surgical assessment.

This operation will be different as I will be having a tract drained, and subsequently packed. My recovery from this operation will be a lot longer but nevertheless I will keep blogging. Please also follow me on twitter, @marmiteprincess for further updates regarding my situation.

I also must state that I do try to not tweet about my health all the time, I do have a lot of other interests. My health has been a bit predominant in tweetings lately but rest assured I will try to vent my spleen (am well known for this) about things such as the News of the World hacking situation or government cuts and the effects on services such as the police.

For now, please take care and if you can’t behave make sure you behave badly!

Lots of love,

Marmite xxxx