The other day I was priviledged to be asked to write a guest blog for a friend on Twitter (her handle is @letters2afghan and her blog is I have also just posted the blog on this blog too for you all to read. I have received some lovely comments about what I wrote, I just ‘spoke’ from the heart. It is one of the many memories I have from when my father was deployed.

I do not know whether the constant upheaval had an impact on my physical health, I do know for sure that it has had an impact upon my mental health. Although, as a Forces child, you get used to your parent going away for several months at a time it can cause issues in later life, or at least it did for me.

Until recently I have not been able to settle in the one place, homelessness aside (that is another kettle of fish), for very long. Whether it be through circumstance or through sheer itchy feet I moved a lot between 17 and 24. Unless I win the lottery I intend to stay put where I am for a while. Due to the potential Housing Benefit changes afoot I may have to fight to prove my medical need to remain where I am. The changes I refer to are where they pay under 35s room rate only, this is about £87 per week here – my rent is £150 per week!

I saw the Nurse today. Wound 1 is really annoying, it is healing very slowly with the help of Trimovate and silicon dressings. Wound 2 is only needing a very small amount of Aquacel packing in so I should be just needing a dressing that wound shortly as mentioned before. It is looking healthy and there are no signs of overgranulation as yet, I just hope it remains that way! She also decided to squeeze my new abscess, I nearly had to bitch slap her. I am not one for violence but as she did not warn me it could have been necessary. Do not panic I did not slap her, I just swore like a trooper. I do have a sneaky feeling, however, that I will be heading to the operating theatre very soon with this new abscess.

I need to be well for August as I have plans, plans that have been in place for some time. Plus I want to be able to enjoy my last month of my 20s!

Some of you kind readers have mentioned my strength, I do not feel that I am a strong person. I do have a resilience, more so than others. I consider myself lucky in that respect. I do have a bad hour now and again. I just hope I do not moan too often, if I do please tell me!

Lots of love,

Marmite xxxx