One of the many reasons I started this blog was to allow others I speak to on Twitter to understand what exactly I am going through with Hidradentitis Suppurativa, or HS, as well as my other medical conditions.

I wish I knew why I keep getting these abscesses so often at the moment, or at any time to be honest. All I know is I have this medical condition that means I get them a lot.

In the past few days things have been a little weird. Not only have I developed yet ANOTHER abscess, which was mentioned previously, but I appear to be doing well on the healing process with the 2nd wound. I am still waiting for the 1st wound to heal fully too.

So the good news is that my 2nd wound will not need Aquacel packing within the next few days and my friend Dave has had another operation successfully with another friend healing slowly from her operation. I am not needing Morphine as much, I only had 2mls yesterday before dressing change with none today. Today I just relied on my Tramadol pills.

The bad news is I will need an operation for the newest abscess but it is still not at a point where they can operate, so it is yet another waiting game. I am also having a really bad day with my joints and muscles but because I cannot take anti-inflammatory pills I can only hope my other pills assist in my pain relief.

I know that there are many others I speak with online who suffer far more than I will ever contemplate, like them I have to fight this disease ravaging my skin. One day I hope they find a cure for Crohns too then maybe some of my friends online will not have suffer as much.

Anyway, this was short post to update you all on the situation as it stands. Fingers crossed there is more positive news soon!

Marmite xx