When I first joined Twitter little did I realise the impact it would have on my life. There have been, believe me, times when I rue the day I ever joined. Like for example when my best friend was bullied for a couple of months on there and they involved me at some point. Needless to say friends rallied round to help and support from the site offering advice when required. It amazes me how low people will stoop.

On the other hand I have made a fantastic support network on there. I am fortunate enough to have met two of them in real life, they were both amazing in real life too. I do hope I get to meet more of the amazing people from the support network I have. They are people who have some interesting stories to tell or they have the same health issues as me or they share their blogs with others. There is one blog written by a young woman who’s boyfriend was deployed to the Middle East, she is quite an intelligent girl and it was interesting to read her thoughts and feelings on the deployments.

I do not speak with my family very often, my parents have this wonderful ability to make me feel more stressed than I already am. My mum actually has the ability to cause a Crohns attack after speaking to her! That is why my friends are important to me, they are a sounding board and I theirs. Some of the people online did not realise until they read my initial posting on here what I went through in terms of my health, this is why I am so glad I am able to do something like this.

Those who know me, know I try to see the funny side of life. I do have days, however, when it is impossible to do so. I was having one of those days yesterday, Friday.

As you know I have been having dressings done on a daily basis since my 2nd operation on the 29th June. I like to ensure that my pain killers kick in well before the appointment so I usually take them about an hour before I am supposed to leave the house. I checked the appointment card yesterday morning and it said, 8th July at 1140, and I duly took pain relief at 1020.

At my surgery they have a self check in screen to ensure you do not have queue and I usually do this upon arrival. I did this yesterday but for the first time it said “Please speak to the Receptionist as we cannot check you in at this time”. I spoke with the Receptionist and was promptly told my appointment was actually at 0940 that morning, not the 1140 I had seen on the appointment card. I am one of those people who always likes to be early for appointments, I have been known to be way too early for appointments. The Receptionist then asked me was the dressing change necessary and did it have to be done on that day, I explained the procedure I had had done to which she informed me that the Nurse was in the middle of “fixing a leg ulcer” so she would call her as soon as was possible and would I mind waiting. I did explain to the woman it said 1140 on appointment card but I did not have with me to prove this.

After a short while the Nurse called me in and explained she would have do this very quickly, I was also told off for missing the appointment earlier in the day (I explained to her it said 1140 on card to which she then disputed this) and I was told off for had appointment been 1140 being late as the Receptionist did not call her until 12noon. I did explain to her that actually I had been there since 1130ish and she could verify this with the Receptionist.

You have to bear in mind that when the appointments were booked I had had an operation less than 48 hours previous, and she had written them down as she had booked a full weeks worth in advance so I did not run the risk of not being able to book appointments on the same day. The dressing change was done rather quickly and rather painfully. She did not seem all that bothered by the fact I was in pain whilst she was doing it.

Usually if I have a dressing appointment on a Friday and need appointments over the weekend the Nurse will book me with the Weekend Dressing Clinic at the local hospital. However because the Nurse concerned was in hurry I was rather abruptly told I would have to call them myself to book an appointment on both days. I was then hurried out of the door with my dressings for the weekend with a stern warning to make sure I did not miss any further appointments! It was a good job that I had credit on my phone. I managed to obtain appointments for both days at 0900, ridiculously early for me but it meant it would be over and done with!

I worked out yesterday, like the sad muppet I am, that I’d been having post operative dressings for 50 days today. It seems like such a long time since 20th May when I had the first drainage and incision procedure!

Oh, I forgot to mention that I have one, possibly two, new sites developing in my groin area. I asked the dressing clinic nurse to check them earlier. One is undulating which is usually a sign, along with the sharp pain upon touching site, that there is an abscess forming below. If it gets too sore or starts to get bigger before Monday then I shall pop up and see the Out of Hours GP surgery at the local hospital for their advice. Failing that I am due to see my actual GP on Monday afternoon so I may just wait.

For updates and giggles (I was actually having a conversation with a cat earlier and it was answering back) please see and follow my Twitter handle, @marmiteprincess.

I am signing off for now and I will blog again soon, hopefully at some point this week! Until then stay safe and keep laughing.

All my love,

Marmite xxxx